During 1995 I visited the palace of the dukes of Bourgondiƫ in Dijon, France.

Over there I found a beautiful card deck of the history of Dijon and the family crests of the dukes.

This is when I started collecting exceptional card decks.

Because collecting complete card decks was a bit impractical, I decided to start focusing on collecting just the jokers of the decks.

Nowadays I have managed to collect a beautiful collection including jokers from all around the world.

The goal of this website is to help me expand my collection.

The jokers from the card deck from Dijon:

One of the homes located in Dijon with the characteristic roofs which areportrayed on the cards:

If you have any jokers or exceptional card decks, I would appreciate it if you contacted me by clicking here.

Ton Kraaikamp